I’ve gone green.


It’s been almost 18 months since my last post but we’re just going to gloss over that because I still haven’t disabled my monthly reminder that says “Tasmemia blog post (no really DO ONE)” so that means I’m still here and I’m still invested. This post has also been heartily encouraged by Kamal, who I first thought was spam, but is just a really lovely Egyptian dude who enjoys reading my rambling. Hi Kamal!

So here’s where I’m at right now: entirely surrounded by indoor plants. I’m kind of annoyed that my subconscious seems to grab onto trends, because indoor plants are very hot right now. I tried to get an article to link here to back me up but googling “indoor plants are cool in 2018” only brings up articles about which indoor plants are predicted to be cool this year (hot tip: monstera deliciosa and devils ivy). I might even be a couple of years behind things, but I’ll have you know I’ve had my peace lily for almost three years so whatever. It’s still alive. Kind of. No, it is, but it’s just not super healthy looking. It’s fine. It’s alive.

Peace lily joined by plectranthus and golden umbrella (and my #1 girl).

I did add a couple of other plants to the peace lily’s posse before the madness really kicked in—a curly-leafed spider plant and a ruby ficus both made their way into my house (the ficus was a pity rescue from Coles and I can’t even remember where the spider plant came from!) some time in the last year or two… but it was really when I started dating my horticulture-studying boyfriend that I gave myself a green light to buy more green babies. I let him know very intentionally that it was his job to keep them alive, but he’s reassured me many times over the months that it’s been all me.

Once the enabler light was on, I’m not ashamed to admit that I got a little bit insatiable. The obsession reached a peak and then settled—once my house was essentially full of plants and I actually had to give a bit of thought as to where any new acquisitions would live. There will likely always be a bit of reshuffling, but because plants are living, breathing things, sometimes one is going to die, and that’s ok.

An indoor plant costs the same amount—or a fair deal less!—than a bouquet of flowers, and a bouquet is expected to die.

(I read that analogy somewhere a couple of months ago and it made me feel a lot less anxious about the care of my green babies.)

I still have a wishlist of plants, but during the height of my acquisition obsession I managed to tick a lot of items off the list—some easily, some with a bit of surprise and delight, some with a little extra effort. The plants that are still on my list I don’t expect to get my hands on quickly, cheaply, or any time soon. Being over the peak of the obsession now, I’m ok with that. I’m happy with my surroundings.

I guess it’s a little bit silly of me to have fostered this interest just in time for the colder, more dormant months of the year instead of the exciting growing time of spring and summer. But it does mean that every new leaf is absolutely doted upon and noticed with full enthusiasm!

Indoor plants have such a wide range of needs, and having a house full of them now means that I’ve had a crash course on some of those needs. Finding the right amount of sunlight and the right amount of watering (and the right size pot, and the right potting mix, and and and) can be a tricky dance, and a new leaf is a sign that you’re doing a good job. A new leaf, particularly in a dormant time of year, means that my plant is happy and healthy. A new leaf is basically the plant giving a thumbs up.

As well as shuffling plants around to find the right space for them, we’re also having to do a bit of shuffling around just recently now there are some foster cats in the house.

We discovered after the first night that they seem to enjoy the taste of my boyfriend’s hen and chicken fern (thankfully one that isn’t toxic to cats, it’s like they knew). They’re also very keen to stare out of windows, which means the cat tower I had delegated to plant stand duties had to be recommissioned for its original purpose, and a few plants had to take a few steps away from windows (and some others had to be repotted and potting mix vacuumed up from the carpet after a particularly obnoxious couple of occasions).

My current battle is fungus gnats, and by battle, I mean they’ve infiltrated a number of my plants and I haven’t done anything to combat them yet apart from squishing a few. I’m looking forward to dedicating some quality time to destroying them. The gnats. Not the precious plants they want to live with. Get away from my plants, you stinkers! I’ve got some work to do and some self-watering trays to empty out.

Ok, I think this was a good welcome back post. I’ve got a much harder one to write next. Gonna go surround myself with plants while I write it.