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Mem has been a resident of the fair isle of Tasmania since the 12th of October 2012, after spending the first twenty-eight years of her life as a Queenslander. She came over on the boat with her little blue car and her calico cat, Jellyfish. She loves lots of stuff (a lot) and is a big fan of things, including people and places.

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  1. Hi Mem how r u? Hope ur foot is better, I was trying to retrieve ur ad for a room available in Hobart but I cannot find it anymore! and I stumbled across ur blog ( which is cool by the way) sorry to write this message here but I was wondering if u can contact me in private to see if the room is still available for few nites from the 16 to the 19 jan 2014? I live in Melb but I’m visiting Hobart in January with my sister coming from Italy, I cannot promise any Italian wine or prosciutto (sorry quarantine) but we r very Italian and can make tiramisu for you! (‘-‘) anyway hope to hear from you THank you ciao Maddie

    • Aw hi Maddie! I’m so sorry you couldn’t spot the ad, unfortunately I was in the middle of discussing a booking for that same week, and it’s now completed. Best of luck finding somewhere, that week will be a wonderful time to be in town 🙂

  2. Hi Mem,

    I stumbled across your review of our “bold breakfast” on Steepster, you received the sample size as part of the Mr Earl Box.

    I wanted to let you know we have since changed our recipe to make it more Bold. If you like, I can send you some samples along with some other interesting varieties we have.

    ps. I enjoyed reading your detailed reviews : )

  3. Hi there,

    Seen that your a tea fan on steepster (I still gotta sign up to it).
    Im from Sydney.

    Does Tasmania where you live have T2?


    • Hey Charlie! Yes, we have T2 down in Tassie (just the one store, but online ordering is alive and well too), however I try not to buy it as much these days—wasn’t very impressed with Unilever purchasing the company and I don’t think their blends are as good these days.

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