2016: not so bad, personally.

This is starting to feel like a broken record sort of saying, but perhaps it’s just that every year gets a little bit worse in general but is good on a personal level?

I don’t know, last year I had to preface my 2015 summary with “sorry it sucked for you but it ruled for me”, and 2016 is being widely acknowledged as an awful year overall, but mine was ok. It wasn’t quite as stellar as 2015 because everything that was shiny and new in 2015 was status quo in 2016, and having said that I can’t complain. I could try, but I don’t really need to.

When I first contemplated writing a summary post, I didn’t think there was much that I could say about the year. It didn’t feel very eventful—it was good overall, but there wasn’t much that really happened, right? Flicking through social media I was quickly reminded that a great deal did in fact happen in 2016, but most of it was in the first half of the year. Still counts, brain! Here are the things I came up with pretty quickly:

  • my only brother got married (first one in our family)
  • I got a fairly epic tattoo started on my arm (three sessions down in 2016)
  • did a crazy overnight trip to Brisbane to surprise my BFF
  • tripped to Sydney once said BFF had moved there, for visits and VIVID Festival
  • MCed two weddings (said brother’s wedding and also one in Brisbane for two of my favourite people in the world)
  • best weekend ever in Hobart with said BFF, involving marmosets and meerkats
  • met one of the platonic loves of my life (arguably met more than one)

All of those things were excellent and shouldn’t be discounted, so they each get another moment in the sun here.

Apart from that, 2016 was a year of coasting, for me. I didn’t do much growing as a person. That’s fine, right? I’m in my thirties now and I’ve got a fairly good idea of who I am. I’ve achieved almost everything on my List. I should be happy and content—and for the most part I am, but I just feel like 2017 needs to be a year in which I achieve something big. Something huge. Something cajunga. So that’s my resolution.

2017, I’m coming for you.