12 September 2013, or Eleven:

So… long time no proper blog, hey? My bad.

I guess everything fell apart when I got a job. That’s when the fun stops, right? That’s when the proportion of fun in my life was greatly reduced, anyway. I may have a fairly shocking memory but I don’t think I’ll ever forget those six months of glory. I’m grateful that I had enough funds behind me to let me settle into life in a brand new city (in a brand new state!) before having to get back to the daily grind.

Despite getting back to a slightly more mundane life of full-time work, I’m happy to say that I’m still 100% confident with my decision to move down here. Tasmania continues to awe me. I’m not kidding. Even if it just experienced the warmest winter so far (seriously Tasmania why are you doing this to me YOU ARE MAKING ME FEEL GUILTY IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR ONE PUNY HUMAN TO BRING WEATHER WITH THEM stop making me feel like this is my fault), it’s still been cold. Cold. COLD! Deliciously cold. The kind of cold I’ve been dreaming of. Last week it warmed up a bit and people frolicked in the streets in one layer of clothing but this week we got a cold snap and I frolicked in the streets with three layers again. This is my life now.

So here’s a summary of what I did on the eleventh monthly anniversary of the date I arrived in Tasmania. I’ve also cheated and gone back through and added a post for each of the prior months as well, because I can, and you’re not my real mum (except one of you, HI MUM).


12 September 2013, or Eleven:

A Thursday. Snow on the mountain overnight (and in the streets of Hobart the day before!?) means that Jellyfish is curled up completely under the doona with me this morning, a rare event. I wake up before my alarm (easily accomplished while I’m on 11:30am starts at work) and pull on my brand new Doc Martens (purchased in preparation for my overseas adventure at the end of the year).


too excited to even lace them like a cool person

Out the door with my daily Aeropress’d Zimmah coffee (Dutch Courage today, lovely and sweet) and down the road to get my first taste of The Schwartz Sandwiches. The new lunch place looks awesome and the guys from Ethos Eat Drink seem pretty stoked to be running the joint. I grab my takeaway sandwiches and head down the road to the bank, with a small delay as I grab my first Tasmanian conditional caution for not wearing my seatbelt. Oops.

My work day goes fairly quickly while not overly stressfully, which is a nice combination, and my lunch sandwich exceeds expectations.

I hit the supermarket on the way home to grab a couple of bits and pieces, begrudgingly purchasing some vegies that aren’t in season at Farm Gate at the moment. I finish the evening curled up on the couch with the cat, a blanket over both of us, watching Kevin McCloud exert his sassiness regarding some Grand Designs.


"hey guys everyone wear yellow for R U OK day"

“hey guys everyone wear yellow for R U OK day”



Today was the first day of Spring, which means this blog totally missed Winter and most of Autumn even. I got a job, so the funtime percentage of my days reduced dramatically, and I kept overthinking blog posts to the point where I’d get a few paragraphs into a post and then get overwhelmed and walk away.

So here’s a very short blog post to say, welcome Spring, and welcome back to regular-ish posting.

Addendum: this post will seem confusing if you’re only just checking it out now, because I went back in and filled in a bunch of gaps with a whole bunch of posts and everything is lovely now.