12 August 2013, or Ten:

I make the effort to sweeten a Monday with a visit to Shoebox Cafe to say hello to sweethearts Sammi and Beth while enjoying an espresso from the cutest little cup.



Shoebox was one of my first stops when I arrived in Hobart and I still adore them. Surprisingly, it’s taken me almost a year to actually sit my butt down and dine in for once! It’s normally just so easy to grab a delicious pide to run away with.


or as Siri says, “Show-barx”

Then it’s off to a full day of work for The Man, finishing the day with a facetime date with my hetero lifemate back in Brisbane (a weekly event for us when we’re diligent, normally accompanied by an episode of America’s Next Top Model).

(not current, but a good example)

(not particularly current, but a good example of one of our finer date night efforts)

Oh, and I’m also learning French via my iPhone duolingo app, in preparation for a white Christmas in Quebec this year. Duolingo’s teaching me some very useful phrases.



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