12 May 2013, or Seven:

This weird, foggy Autumn Sunday begins with a stroll down to Farm Gate market for breakfast en route to picking up my car from town, because I had a fair bit of wine with my dinner at Ethos Eat Drink last night while entertaining another delightful couple of visitors.


A bargain.

I always love walking around town, I notice so much more of it while strolling and it gives me a chance to absorb more, like the shell of the lovely old toy shop, burnt to the ground back in January.



Like the orange leaves of the shedding trees. I have a real crush on Autumn! It seems as though I may be allergic to Autumn, real Autumn (because Queensland doesn’t know what that is), and that’s distressing but my love will not waiver! THIS IS TRUE LOVE!



I spend my afternoon out at my friends’ house, trying to charm their cat that they have entrusted me to keep alive in their absence.
“You’ll be friends while we’re gone!”, they promised me. Their cat is evil and wants me to die. I can’t say I haven’t tried to win her heart, because I try SO HARD.

“Too hard,” some might say.



“Too hard.”

Aurora storm.

So the night I pick up two of my best friends in the world up from Hobart International Airport also turns out the be the night of a crazy awesome aurora forecast. I run them back into town, we grab some dinner, and I hype them up for an aurora hunt.

I don’t explain to them the bit where it can be a little boring without an awesome DSLR to hide behind while taking a bunch of photos, or that it can be bitterly cold perched on the sand dunes for ages waiting for the right moment. They find those bits out themselves (I am so sorry). But Liz and me? We’re over the moon with this.


Look at those spikes!

Red! So bright!

Red! So bright!

A lot of people on the Facebook aurora group aren’t super hyped about tonight because the moon’s pretty bright these days. But for me, that just means that this happens.

Betsey you look LOVELY!

Betsey you look LOVELY!

The boys hike back over the sand dunes to the warmth of the car while Liz and I keep snapping away, but finally we figure we need to call time. Things seem to be dying down. At about 12:30am we pack up our stuff and trudge back over the dunes ourselves, then when we’re starting to load things into the car we look up.

And gasp.

Because an aurora storm is dancing in the sky.

Only slightly better than our eyes saw.

Only slightly better than our eyes saw.

That’s our friend John up there on the dunes still, diligently capturing his own images because we somehow managed to give him really bad directions and he showed up way later than us.

But really, he arrived at the perfect time.

Because wow.

Because wow.