12 December 2012, or One:

November 12th marked one month since I drove down the Midlands Highway in my little blue car with my cat and my mum (trusty travel companions, both) to pull up stumps in Hobart.

I missed marking it here on the blog because I spent the first half of my day travelling back from my first interstate break since moving here. Kinda soon, I know, but Radiohead needed me. I lie; I needed Radiohead. I’d purchased my ticket back in February to see Radiohead in Brisbane, and then I even booked my flights a couple of months ago, before I’d even moved. I guess I was a) confident I’d be in Hobart by November and b) not even considering missing that gig. I don’t want to go off on too much of a segue, but it was 100% worth it and I am so happy to finally tick that off the bucket list.

Thom's all-seeing eye. (The good one.)

Thom’s all-seeing eye. (The good one.)

I also got the chance to surprise the heck out of four people I love—three best friends in Brisbane, and my little sister in Sydney. Yes, I jumped through TWO other states this weekend just gone.

Brisbane: fun + relaxing.

Brisbane: fun + relaxing.

Sydney: sister + tourista.

Sydney: sister + tourista.

To be honest, due to a cancelled flight and a reassignment via Melbourne, I technically hit up THREE other states this weekend, and a total of four flights in five days. I guess you could say I was a little tired yesterday when I finally arrived home (three hours later than originally planned, but three hours earlier than the first reassignment). Still, I’ve been neglecting this blog, and I’m not happy with that, so expect to see more frequent posts in the future.

So, one month in. How do I feel?

I feel great. One month in and I remain so, so happy with my decision. The weather down here is just what I’d hoped for, the views are dreamy, the people are charming and the food is tasty. I am glad to finally have my belongings from Brisbane unpacked, and I only have a couple of little tasks left to do before I can confidently say that I am settled in. I am still unemployed, but I’ve not been trying very hard to find a job down here, and I’ve only had one proper panic attack over my state of unemployment. I have been on some adventures, but not nearly as many as I could have been on, so as soon as I finish those couple of little tasks, I’m planning to set a weekly schedule for adventuring (and then we’ll see how well I actually stick to it).

I am excited for the future, for having friends and relatives come to visit and see how wonderful my life is down here. I am excited for finding work I can really engage in and be excited about. I am excited about the new friends I have made and further forging friendships. And right now, I am really excited about going upstairs to bed.

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