Herbaceous babes are GO!

Help, it turns out I can grow herbs.

Top L-R: coriander, dill, basil. Bottom L-R: chives, parsley, mint.

I don’t really know how it happened. I’m kidding, of course I know. I bought some herbs and I put them in pots and continued to water them and they’re all doing okay (except for Basil, but he’s got a story). So I guess what I mean to say is, this is unexpected because I’ve never kept herbs alive before. I’ve never kept much alive. I even managed to kill one of those lucky bamboo stalks that a coworker gave me a few years ago. Bamboo’s meant to be really hardy, right? Well, I killed it. I didn’t kill it on purpose, it just happened, because these things always happen to me.

So I’m actually at a bit of a loss with what to do with these herbs now that they’re thriving. I’ve never gotten past the “yay they’re planted I can’t wait until they thrive” stage to the “yay they’re thriving” stage. How do I look after thriving herbs!? Look at that parsley! That parsley is a monster and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it! Do I prune it back? Do I lop that enormous stalk off and re-pot it to make another parsley bush? Does that work? When I prune, do I prune it from the base? How do I identify older leaves vs newer leaves? SEE? THOSE ARE JUST MY QUESTIONS ABOUT PARSLEY, I STILL HAVE FIVE OTHER HERBS!

How it all began.

I didn’t start from seeds, of course. Anyone whose thumbs are on the opposite side of the colour wheel to green isn’t that stupid. I started a little big, particularly with the parsley, but that was the only parsley left and I wanted parsley. It’s a good garnish, I guess? My herb choices can all be classified under the heading “I GUESS?”. No, that’s not entirely true. Here’s what I chose, and why I chose it.

Parsley: good garnish, I guess? (I wasn’t lying about this one)
Mint: COCKTAILS! Ginuary is on the horizon, after all. STAY ALIVE UNTIL JANUARY, MINT!
Coriander: people either love you or hate you and BABY I LOVE YOU
Chives: Good soup topping, I guess?
Dill: Good with fish, right?

Those were literally the thoughts I had concerning those herbs when I bought them. Help. Help me. I can’t eat enough fish for all this dill. I don’t even know what to do with coriander. It smells amazing and tastes good in the Thai takeaway I have always procured but I am such a novice in the kitchen, help me. For the love of herbs, help me. I wasn’t even sure the coriander (I call her Corrie (I actually address my plant by a given name, yes)) was going to survive because the first week or so after I planted them it was very windy, and nowhere outside is safe. It got to the point where everything else seemed to be tolerating it but the coriander was horizontal.



The coriander is a monster. Some of the leaves are starting to look different? I think it’s growing seeds? Coriander seeds are a thing, right? WHO KNEW I COULD GROW CORIANDER THIS WELL? (LOOK AT THAT FREAKING PARSLEY, SERIOUSLY.)

Basil’s story (he comes with a given name!) is that the first basil plant I bought was kinda stalky (you can see it in the second photo group in this post). It continued being stalky, and just kept climbing up and up and then flowered (I’ve since learnt enough to know to pinch those pretties off to keep the plant focused on making tasty leaves). I got frustrated with its stalkiness and so two Sundays ago I bought a shrubbier seedling from the farm gate market and did some repotting. Stalky still exists, but he’s planted into the retaining wall, and I’m trying to encourage my new little friend Basil to take wing. Why is it that the herb I could do the most with is the one that is being so difficult?

I’ve used almost all of the herbs so far, but in very rudimentary ways. I’ve thrown basil and parsley through some pasta dishes, and I’ve used the dill with (you’re never gonna guess) some baked salmon. I’ve occasionally plucked a mint leaf and carried it around and smiled and dreamed of all the uses I’m going to have for it in January. I haven’t used the chives yet because I haven’t made any soup, and that’s the only link my brain has between chives and food. I haven’t used the coriander yet because I just don’t know.

I don’t even know how long these last for. I just googled for the definition of “perennial” because I know that’s a word people use for plants (IT MEANS FOREVER! FOREVER HERBS!). Of course, I paid zero attention to what any of the labels for these herbs said because I guess I expected to have killed them by now. Sorry, herbs.

Shrubby Basil, aka “Sweety Baz”.

Help me, dear readers. Please share with me any ideas, or even specific recipes, for herb uses. Maybe even some suggestions for what herbs I should branch out to next, seeing as I seem to be A HERB-GROWING WIZARD. If you have any killer tips for looking after thriving herbs, those would also be welcomed.

12 December 2012, or One:

November 12th marked one month since I drove down the Midlands Highway in my little blue car with my cat and my mum (trusty travel companions, both) to pull up stumps in Hobart.

I missed marking it here on the blog because I spent the first half of my day travelling back from my first interstate break since moving here. Kinda soon, I know, but Radiohead needed me. I lie; I needed Radiohead. I’d purchased my ticket back in February to see Radiohead in Brisbane, and then I even booked my flights a couple of months ago, before I’d even moved. I guess I was a) confident I’d be in Hobart by November and b) not even considering missing that gig. I don’t want to go off on too much of a segue, but it was 100% worth it and I am so happy to finally tick that off the bucket list.

Thom's all-seeing eye. (The good one.)

Thom’s all-seeing eye. (The good one.)

I also got the chance to surprise the heck out of four people I love—three best friends in Brisbane, and my little sister in Sydney. Yes, I jumped through TWO other states this weekend just gone.

Brisbane: fun + relaxing.

Brisbane: fun + relaxing.

Sydney: sister + tourista.

Sydney: sister + tourista.

To be honest, due to a cancelled flight and a reassignment via Melbourne, I technically hit up THREE other states this weekend, and a total of four flights in five days. I guess you could say I was a little tired yesterday when I finally arrived home (three hours later than originally planned, but three hours earlier than the first reassignment). Still, I’ve been neglecting this blog, and I’m not happy with that, so expect to see more frequent posts in the future.

So, one month in. How do I feel?

I feel great. One month in and I remain so, so happy with my decision. The weather down here is just what I’d hoped for, the views are dreamy, the people are charming and the food is tasty. I am glad to finally have my belongings from Brisbane unpacked, and I only have a couple of little tasks left to do before I can confidently say that I am settled in. I am still unemployed, but I’ve not been trying very hard to find a job down here, and I’ve only had one proper panic attack over my state of unemployment. I have been on some adventures, but not nearly as many as I could have been on, so as soon as I finish those couple of little tasks, I’m planning to set a weekly schedule for adventuring (and then we’ll see how well I actually stick to it).

I am excited for the future, for having friends and relatives come to visit and see how wonderful my life is down here. I am excited for finding work I can really engage in and be excited about. I am excited about the new friends I have made and further forging friendships. And right now, I am really excited about going upstairs to bed.