12 October 2012, or Zero:

I am woken up by a polite but loud voice over the speakers telling me that the Spirit of Tasmania is about to dock in Devonport. Mum and I quickly pack up and head to the waiting zone and then the car, where I am glad to find my cat still alive and somewhat happy to see me, too. We are lucky to be one of the first to drive off the ferry.


After a quick pitstop at Maccas we hit the highway toward Hobart. The fields we pass are so green and beautiful, and I can’t stop smiling. Jellyfish decides to finally make an attempt to break out of her travel crate and spends a little while exploring the packed-full car, then a longer while splayed across my lap and sooking. When we arrive in Hobart we have two immediate tasks: firstly to pick up the keys to my rental property, and secondly to purchase two single mattresses for mum and me to sleep on, as my furniture won’t arrive for another three weeks.

Dinner is hilarious, with two orange crates for seats and the couple of boxes I’ve brought down in the car serving as a table. Couches became my next priority, and I spend the rest of the evening doing some furious gumtree searching. (Great success follows tomorrow, just so I don’t leave you on a cliffhanger.)


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