Why Tasmania?

I’ve heard this question so many times in the last two months. Has it really only been a little more than two months since I announced my intention to move from Brisbane, Queensland to Hobart, Tasmania for no better reason than “why not”?

Looking back, I should have started this blog back then, but to be honest it took a while to sink in that it was really happening—that I was really moving. I couldn’t tell you the exact moment, though a few spring to mind.

  • The moment I handed over the keys of my lovely rental house in West End to my dear friend and newly ex-housemate a couple of weeks ago?
  • The night before I set off on my roadtrip down to Tasmania, when my mum and I were finished playing life-object tetris to fit everything in my car?
  • About halfway into twenty-three hours of driving in three days, listening to the mix CD my friend Liz made for me, with every second song being a farewell track that made me tear up?
  • Driving down the Midland Highway from Devonport to go pick up the keys to my (fingers crossed) adorable new rental property, a place for me to call home in Hobart?
  • The moment I looked out the window of said rental property and saw Hobart in front of me, just outside?

All these moments played a part in me acknowledging that it’s real. This has happened. This is happening still! That’s the truth to it; this is happening still. I have been here a week today (happy weekiversary, Hobart) and even this afternoon as I drove out to New Norfolk, I had a moment of confusion where I knew I was driving my car, and I knew I was driving through a beautiful stretch of scenery, but I couldn’t get those two dots to connect. I was driving MY car in TASMANIA? But HOW? Oh, yeah…

I decided to start this blog for a couple of reasons. One of them is that I don’t have any friends in Hobart (yet? Please let the full statement end in “yet”) and writing blog posts may be a more sensible time-waster than online shopping (have I mentioned I’m currently funemployed? That money’s gotta run out someday—later rather than sooner would be nice) or just staring at the internet/my computer screen.

The other reason is so that the next time somebody asks me, “Why Tasmania?” I can reply with, “Why don’t you check out my blog?”

16 thoughts on “Why Tasmania?

  1. It’s been 10 years, 2 months, and 19 days since I took that first drive down the Midland Highway to this new place I was calling home. I’ve lived in lots of places – US, France, Switzerland, UK – but this is home. Welcome!!

  2. Moving interstate is a big deal, especially alone – I’ve been in Melbourne for five months and I still get those novel ‘this is where I live!’ moments. It feels like home for the most part. Friends will come. Congratulations on being brave x

  3. I’m curious about the pronunciation of your new town (village? suburb? hamlet?). I grew up not far from Norfolk, Nebraska — which is pronounced by locals as “nor-fork”… which according to settler lore was the shortened form of the original “north fork”. No explanation on the spelling though. But then I have also been to Norfolk, Virginia — which is pronounced straight-faced by locals as “nor-fuk”. Does yours happen to rhyme with “mew snore yolk”?

    • Oh, New Norfolk’s not my ‘hood—it’s a small town about 45mins up the road, but there’s a microbrewery there that has a bar on Fridays. But I digress! The answer you seek is indeed “nor-fuk”. I’ve seen some jokingly spell it “norfick”, for a slightly more chaste approach…? The “north fork” story is charming, though.

  4. Its incredibly exciting to just pack up and move. Sometimes that excitement is overshadowed by anxiety and stress, but honestly Queensland is f***ed at the moment, so you’ve made the right decision.

    Get that spare bedroom ready!

  5. It was good to meet you yesterday Mem and learn of your adventures. I’m glad to see you’ve started a blog about it too. I love my home state and love hearing about others who have discovered it. I’m sure you will be very happy here.

  6. Thank you for including me in your great adventure, darling girl. I enjoyed our many hours of driving, exploring, couch-canvassing etc and will be back for more. xx

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